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The Cowboy Hat

We would like to Congratulate Melissa Meeker on winning the Lucky 7 hat by The American Hat Company! 


Today when we see a cowboy hat, we think of bull riders and barrel racers. We think of those that break wild horses, and spend hour’s outdoors on the trail, but the western hat stands for so much more. One thing we all know for a fact is that the cowboy hat symbolizes the American West.


The symbolic cowboy hat was worn by the cowboys working the long trail drives herding their horses and cattle over the open range bringing them back to the ranch for branding or for sales. Why was this type of western hat worn the most?


The cowboy hat was known for its practical uses.  The wide brim of the hat had several uses from fanning a fire, whipping a horse, giving shade from the sun and protection from the wind and rain. The crown of the hat was creased to fit the cowboy’s hand giving him better control over the hat. Each hat was fitted to the individual. It was used long before the cowboys for a different purpose.